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You’re probably here from my Instagram or Twitter. Looking forward to connecting with you in any of the ways.

you need a new rebrand like, yesterday.

you’re tired of saying sorry about that website you DIY’ed two years ago.

and that website that got you here? Totally worked. But it may not take you to the next level like a rebrand will. It’s time for a rebrand that makes your clients KNOW you’re the one.


Jasmine Easter

I’ve been making things look cool on the computer since I was 10, but about 6 years ago I discovered brand strategy + impactful design. Now I’m dedicated to helping women-led businesses develop a digital presence that matches their level of brilliance.


What I listen to when i hit a midday stump

Da Drought 3 by Wayne


my happy hour order

Give me a mojito with extra lime & mint.


Catch me at starbucks sippin'

A dirty vanilla chai, hot or iced.


i'm located in

Metro-Atlanta, but I’m from the 910,  the Port City.

your business has leveled up. has your website?

shots up for strategy & style infused design that positions you as the one for your clients – with a clear process to take you there.